6 Tips On How To Avoid Accidents By Staying More Visible!


A few weeks ago, Bryan Mac Murray reached out to Brukus offering to help us help you ride more safely and securely. Since helping you ride with peace of mind is our main aim, we decided to take Bryan up on his offer to provide valuable content to you. Here is his informative article on ways to be more VISIBLE with you ride.

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Staying Visible on Your Motorcycle

"The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is that drivers somehow don’t see motorcyclists. While it is often chalked up to human error, or negligence, the truth is that it is all part of the brain and eyes interacting that cause the smaller motorcycle to go unnoticed. There are ways to make you and your motorcycle more visible on the roadway. You want to grab the attention of those driving cars and trucks so you can reduce your risks of collision.

The main disadvantage of motorcycles out on the roadway is that they are much smaller than cars and trucks. One must also consider that they can also accelerate and decelerate faster than cars, so you move much faster than drivers anticipate. Because of their size, motorcycles are not only harder to see, it can also be more difficult to gauge their distance from a vehicle. Here are some tips to make you and your bike much more visible:

  • Darker motorcycles are not going be noticed nearly as quickly or as readily as a brighter colored bike. Red, yellow, neon green, or even white will help you stand out better.
  • Have some flair! High visibility colors, such as yellow or orange cause people to pay attention. Wearing a brightly colored helmet (if you’re required to wear one) or jacket will draw the driver’s eyes and attention to you and your bike. Wear bright orange, yellow, neon green, red, or even white.
  • Throw some reflective tape into the mix! Reflective tape can increase the visual footprint of you and your motorcycle. Put it on the forks or parts of the motorcycle that stick out from the light source, such as pannier edges. You can even add it around you rims to make a cool stripe. Put some on your helmet and your jacket as well for night visibility.
  • Stay away from blind spots. Just as the name implies, it is an area where you won’t be seen. If you are anywhere that a driver will have to move his or her head to be looking for you, you are leaving your fate in their hands. You can’t avoid blind spots completely, so pass swiftly and position yourself in the lane where you can be more visible.
  • Tapping your brakes will also get you noticed much more quickly. Tapping your brake lights quickly make it look like a giant blinker, so it will be noticed by those traveling behind you. It warns tailgaters and also lets riding buddies know about road hazards.
  • Light modulators can also be beneficial. These can make your headlights and brake lights much more visible because they are flashing several times a second. Who isn’t going to notice the rapidly flashing light headed toward them or coming up behind them?

Riding your motorcycle is fun and adventurous, but you want it to also be as safe as possible. Make sure that you and your motorcycle are as visible as possible so the drivers will notice you on the road. Being seen by drivers is the key to reducing your risk of being in a collision."

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