Father's Day Discount Code and Testimony for New Lid Latch Conversion Kit


Brukus wants to wish all the Dads and Poppops and Uncles and Stepdads and Dad figures in kids lives out there a very happy day. Sometimes we have no idea the impact we have on kids, whether our own kids or not. 

So we want to offer you a Father's Day Discount Code to use: FathersDay

Just enter the code at checkout.

And also, here is a new testimonial we received for one of the first installs of our new Lid Latch Conversion Kits! We are very excited to finally have this product being installed on bikes and helping our customers!

"John Trump, Cincinnati Oh owner of a 2007 Harley Road King

The new saddlebag conversion designed by Brukus is an awesome product, a few years ago my saddlebag hinge fell apart the night before a trip and it was a nightmare trying to find small bolts and nuts late at night but also putting it back together was tough, if this happened on the road it would not be good. So the new conversion eliminates this hinge (if you want too)and is a simple and neat product. it looks good and is convenient to open and close your saddlebag. The video was easy to follow and installation was not difficult at all. I put my locks on the back of the bag because i have leather bags in the front, so other then the location of the lock everything else was the same and it worked well. I chose the lever lock because i did not always want too lock my bag but having the choice to having it keyed to your bike key is a great idea. There is no question that your saddlebag is closed on this design. The original closer this is not always true and bags can pop open. So i would recommend this product to anyone looking to change how your bag is opened, closed and locked for convenience and security."
Here are some pictures John was generous enough to share.

Happy Father's Day!

The Brukus Motorcycle Parts Team

Here you can see the product on the inside of John's bag.