ShieldShackle Securing Device for Harley Road King and Switchback Detachable Windshields!

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What is a ShieldShackle™? And why do you need it for your Harley Road King?

Are you aware that if you have a Harley-Davidson Road King Motorcycle or Heritage Softail - your quick release windshield is the easiest thing on your bike to be stolen? Even easier than your saddlebags that can be popped off with a screwdriver. A thief doesn't even need any tools for this crime!

IMPORTANT NOTE: SHIELDSHACKLE WORKS ON DETACHABLE WINDSHIELDS THAT HAVE TWO BOLTS ON EACH SPRING! Some Heritage Softail Detachable Windshields only have ONE bolt on each spring! Please check your windshield before ordering! Your Softail Detachable Windshield MUST have TWO bolts on each spring in order for ShieldShackle to work on your windshield.

Works on the New Switchbacks!

After several of our customers showed concern about this, Brukus Motorcycle Parts designed and developed a simple, easy to install system to "shackle" your windshield to your bike - yet YOU can still remove it easily!

No more leaving your windshield in your hotel room so it doesn't get stolen while you're at that Rally!

Here is an installation video made by Jeff Brown of Thunder Roads Ohio Magazine:

You can also see ShieldShackle featured on - a site for great new motorcycle products!

And in this article, again by Jeff Brown, you see the ShieldShackle featured in Thunder Roads Ohio Magazine - starting on Page 56.

Here is what satisfied ShieldShackle™ Customers have to say:

"The ShieldShackle™ product was received in the mail Friday afternoon. A review of the enclosed installation instructions indicated a logical and clear sequence. The removal, disassembly, drilling, assembly of the new parts and reattachment of the windshield took approximately 40 minutes.

With the ShieldShackle™ in place, I have confidence that it will protect from a quick removal of the windshield when the motorcycle is left unattended. I would recommend the ShieldShackle to anyone wanting a more securely attached windshield."


"I put the parts on my 2010 Road King this afternoon. The instructions were clear and everything worked as advertised.

The ShieldShackle™ works great and it's easy to assemble. It's also fairly easy to remove the windshield if you have the supplied security tool. It would be almost impossible to take off with the security tool. With the security tool I can take the windshield off in about three minutes. This is what I wanted."

These custom-designed, laser cut brackets ~ made of 304 Stainless Steel ~ attach to the Road King ('94 and later) detachable windshield frame at the same position where the OEM spring wire clips are located. A drill bit is provided to enlarge those holes for the original screws and then the balance of the installation is simple assembly of the brackets on each side of the windshield frame with the Stainless Steel Tamper-Resistant Security Screws that are provided!

When installed - the ShieldShackle™ is only slightly visible on the outside of the windshield frame! It's hard to even get a good picture of the product on the bike because it is concealed so well!

And, for your convenience, our ShieldShackle™ uses the same Security Tool as our SaddlebagSecure™ and Fender Security Screw. However, each ShieldShackle™ package comes complete with everything needed ~ including it's own Security Tool.

The ShieldShackle kit is made for Road King Models '94 and later and Heritage Softails and include:
2 Custom Designed Brackets made of 302 Stainless Steel for each side of the windshield frame
4 Stainless Steel Tamper-Resistant Security Screws
4 Stainless Steel Washers
4 Nylock Stainless Steel Locking Nuts
4 Chrome Caps to cover Security Screw Heads
1 Security Tool
1 Drill Bit to slightly enlarge original screw holes

(SHIELDSHACKLE WORKS ON DETACHABLE WINDSHIELDS THAT HAVE TWO BOLTS ON EACH SPRING! Some Heritage Softail Detachable Windshields only have ONE bolt on each spring! Please check your windshield before ordering!)

In this age where even a Harley-Davidson is no longer sacred from thieves - the ShieldShackle will protect your investment in your bike!

And for a small extra charge - Brukus® Tool Keyper available to keep your security tools handy. You save by purchasing it as part of a package. Just choose the option below.

Brukus Motorcycle Parts offers a 30 day money back guarantee, excluding shipping, if you are not happy with this system.


Made in the U.S.A.


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