• KickShoe Attached Kickstand Coaster for Harley Touring Bikes 2007 and Newer
  • KickShoe Attached Kickstand Coaster for Harley Touring Bikes 2007 and Newer
  • Kickstand sinking into sand and about ready to take a tumble...
  • Harley Touring Bike stabilized on soft ground with the KickShoe
  • KickShoe Installed and Doing It's Job
  • KickShoe Stowed to Ride

KickShoe Attached Kickstand Coaster for Harley Touring Bikes

5.00 Ounces

Product Description

KickShoe! You'll never have to worry about where you're parking your bike again!

The Brukus KickShoe:

~ Stabilizes your Harley Touring Bike on soft ground, grass, hot asphalt and gravel.

~ Eliminates your body contortions as you search for and try and maneuver your crushed beer can under your kickstand.

~ Allows you the freedom to park your bike where others fear to go.

Great comment received from a KickShoe customer: "Of course my KickShoe is SO nice on sun softened blacktop. I was even More pleased, when I was in a campground, where it had rained for three days, before I got there. The ground was like a soft sponge . It was Very Difficult to pull out (I was leaving deep ruts, with barely any traction!). Yet my KickShoe kept my '09 StreetGlide up!" 
Ed Lewis, Muncie, IN

Our KickShoe is designed to stabilize your bike when parked on uneven or soft surfaces. The product, stays on your bike without any drilling of the kickstand.

You can install the KickShoe on your bike in 5 minutes! And it stays on, but then can be removed quickly if needed.

KickShoe is designed to give stability to your jiffy stand with its wider, thicker surface. The base is black Nylon 6/6 which won't scratch your garage floor and yet is strong to withstand sitting on many surfaces and will resist scratching. Here is a quote on the Nylon 6/6 - "All NYLON 6/6 materials have high mechanical strength and superior resistance to wear and organic chemicals."

The top is polished aluminum with a chrome plated bracket and stainless screws.

This KickShoe fits Harley Touring bike kickstands 2007 and NEWER. If you have a 2006 and older bike, we recommend picking up a 2007 or newer kickstand to enjoy the freedom of the KickShoe.


~ If your bike is LOWERED - this product may not work on your bike! The KickShoe may hit or drag on left turns. Do not purchase if this would be a problem for you.

~ If you often take hard turns to the left please be aware that the KickShoe might drag. Do not purchase if this would be a problem for you.

KickShoe slides on your kickstand easily and is held on your kickstand with a Patent Pending design!

Simplify your life on our ride with KickShoe - another innovative product by Brukus Motorcycle Parts, LLC!

*Patent Pending*

Brukus Motorcycle Parts offers a 30 day money back guarantee, excluding shipping, if you are not happy with this product. Full refund to be given if product is unscratched and able to be resold.

Made in the U.S.A. and designed by a U.S. Navy Veteran

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