• Clear Lexan WingShields for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

WingShield Hand Deflectors for Harleys

20.00 Ounces

Product Description

WingShields Hand Deflectors for Harleys

~ Protects Hands from Stones, Bugs, and Road Debris

~ Protects Hands from Wind Chill

Included in this package is a set of TWO WingShields so both hands are protected!

Check out the National Center for Atmospheric Research Windchill Charts!

Made of Lexan® polycarbonate - WingShields™ are virtually UNBREAKABLE! Lexan® is one of the toughest transparent materials available ~ about 300 times stronger than single-strength glass! Lexan® is also weather-resistant and light weight!

So, that translates into a lightweight, transparent, virtually unbreakable protection for your hands while traveling on your motorcycle!

While shaped to curve over your hand grips on your bike, WingShields™ are approximately 5" at their widest point and 12" in length. The shape and curve takes advantage of the wind flow past your hands and can be adjusted with your windshield.

WingShields attach to your bike quickly and easily where the mirrors are installed and the hardware is made of Stainless Steel. 

One customer said, ""I can't believe the difference it made traveling on my bike in the cold. My hands were much warmer."

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE ORDERING WingShields for a Harley-Davidson!


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